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2015 Major Maize Pest Control Program

2015 Major Maize Pest Control Program

Demonstration + Solution
2018/12/18 09:28
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According to the analysis of the National Agricultural Technology Center and relevant experts, in 2015, the national corn pests and diseases were moderately biased, with an estimated area of 900 million mu. In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of major pests and diseases of corn, this program has been specially formulated.

According to the analysis of the National Agricultural Technology Center and relevant experts, in 2015, the national corn pests and diseases were moderately biased, with an estimated area of 900 million mu. In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of major pests and diseases of corn, this program has been specially formulated.
First, the prevention and control objectives
The prevention and treatment rate of major pests and diseases of corn is over 90%, the overall control effect of pests and diseases is over 80%, the damage loss rate is controlled below 5%, and the specialized control and control area is over 20%. Further expand the green prevention and control demonstration and promotion area, and effectively reduce the use of chemical pesticides.
Second, prevention and control strategies
Focusing on key pests and diseases in different ecological regions, with the core of ensuring corn production safety, the implementation of green prevention and control technology as the mainstay, biological prevention as the main body, environmentally friendly chemical and physical control as a comprehensive prevention and control strategy.
Third, prevention and control measures
(1) Key points of prevention and control in different regions
The northern spring sowing corn area focuses on the prevention and control of corn borer, underground pests, corn dwarf disease, second and third generation armyworm, stem rot and large spot disease, taking into account the double spotted leaf beetle; Huanghuaihai summer sowing corn area key prevention and control of corn螟, cotton bollworm, second-generation armyworm, larvae, underground pests, thrips, stem rot and brown spot disease, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and other provinces take into account corn rough disease; southwest mountainous hills corn area key prevention Control corn borer, sheath blight, large spot disease and gray spot disease, taking into account second and third generation armyworms; key pest control and control of underground pests, corn borers, spider mites, double spotted leaf mites in Gansu, Gansu and Ningxia And large spot disease, Xinjiang focus on prevention and control of corn borer, three-point spotted spider mite, double spotted leaf beetle and so on.
(II) Technical measures for prevention and control of major pests and diseases
1. Underground pests (ground tiger, cockroach, golden worm, stalked sunflower, etc.) and corn dwarf disease: seed treatment with bright awn (70% thiamethoxam seed treated dispersible powder), 3 kg per kg of corn seed -4 grams, can also control seedlings of thrips, aphids (dwarf mosaic disease mediators) and gray planthoppers (coarse disease transmission mediator).
2. Corn glutinous rice: returning straw to the field in autumn, reducing the number of insect source bases; the spring maize area is closed in the spring 15 days before the wintering of the cockroach, and the larvae of the wintering larvae are controlled; the early winter adult worms use the sexual attractant to trap At the peak of emergence, the insecticidal lamp is combined with the attractant to induce the killing; the adult is released at the initial stage of spawning. In the corn big bell mouth or filling period, a set of Riteng combination is used for uniform foliar spray treatment.

3. Corn stalk rot: plant resistant varieties, use granules (60g / L tebuconazole suspension seed coating agent) for seed treatment, improve crop disease resistance, while controlling silk smut, tumor black powder disease, etc. Seeds, soil-borne diseases.

4. Corn leaf spot disease: Pharmacy prevention and treatment advocates early use of drugs, generally in the end of corn heart leaf foliar application Jiayue (300g / L benzyl / propiconazole EC) 10-20 ml / mu, depending on the incidence Spray 1-2 times in 7-10 days. The northeast focuses on the prevention and control of large spot disease, and the Huanghuaihai summer corn area and the southern corn planting area focus on the prevention and control of small spot, gray spot and rust.

5. Corn sheath blight: Select resistant varieties. In the early stage of the disease, Jiayue (300g/L benzyl-propiconazole emulsifiable concentrate) 10-20ml/mu can be sprayed on the leaf surface of the stem-leaf sheath, and sprayed 1-2 times every 7-10 days depending on the incidence.

6. Corn aphids, Laodelphax sinensis: Aphids generally occur in the later stages of corn growth, and the gray planthoppers generally occur in the 3-5 leaf stage of corn. Seeding period using bright mango (70% thiamethoxam seed treatment dispersible powder) for seed treatment, 3-4 grams per kg of corn seeds, can also control seedlings thrips, aphids (dwarf mosaic disease mediator) And the gray planthopper (a crude disease transmission mediator). In the later stage of growth, a steering wheel (22% thiamethoxam·high chlorofluorocapsule suspension-suspending agent) 10-20 g/mu was used for uniform spray control.
8. Corn rough disease: use resistant varieties. Try to avoid the sowing of wheat and summer corn; the summer maize should be planted in late season, avoiding the poisonous period of the gray planthopper; the seeding period is treated with bright awn (70% thiamethoxam seed treated dispersible powder) for seed treatment, per kg of corn. Seeds are used in 3-4 grams. Corn 2 leaves 1 heart to 4 leaves 1 heart stage field spraying steering wheel (22% thiamethoxam · high chlorofluorocarbon microcapsule suspension-suspension) 10-20 g / mu for uniform spray control, eliminate the crude disease transmission media Gray planthoppers, thereby controlling the spread of rough disease.

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