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[Promotion] Xi'an Promotion Documentary Report

[Promotion] Xi'an Promotion Documentary Report

Marketing Service
2018/12/18 10:36
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Time flies, our promotion team has been working in Xi'an for half a month, recalling that after a night of travel to Xi'an, the train has started to rain, as if to wash the dust for us, with a new attitude, full of enthusiasm Welcome to the next job. After a night of rest, we came to the customer's location - Oukai Agriculture Market.

Time flies, our promotion team has been working in Xi'an for half a month, recalling that after a night of travel to Xi'an, the train has started to rain, as if to wash the dust for us, with a new attitude, full of enthusiasm Welcome to the next job. After a night of rest, we came to the customer's location - Oukai Agriculture Market.
After the grouping, we went to the customer store in two or two groups. Since we just went to the market, we didn't know the market situation and product formula, but under the guidance of Li Changpeng and Chen Lei, the work began to become handy. In the market, our main job is to dispense drugs according to the fruit trees and pests of farmers. The general drug use period is divided into seven times, three times in the Qingyuan period, the flowering period, after the flowering, before the bagging, and after the bagging. Our company's products are mainly in the pattern (15% lambda-cyhalothrin SL) for the prevention and control of wintering larvae in the flowering period and the prevention and control of P. sinensis in the pre-bagging period, and the product (430 g/l tebuconazole) SC) used to control spotted leaf disease in the pre-package period, the first prevention and control of ring-shaped disease after bagging, anthracnose and the third control of fruit tree spotted leaf disease after bagging, 45% of chlorpyrifos EC used for bagging three times Helicoverpa armigera, Qingfen (15% Qiling EC) is used to control red spiders in the three periods after bagging. We have been skilled in applying the above fruit tree dispensing scheme.
Due to the low purchase price of Apple this year, the fruit of a large number of fruit farmers has not been sold. The enthusiasm of fruit farmers to buy medicine is not very high, but we are still full of confidence, keep enthusiasm, and strive to promote the company's products, when the customer's inventory is less, then With the purchase, our work enthusiasm is even higher.
Here are the footprints of our work:



During the half-month internship, although I was busy from morning to night, I was busy until 9 o'clock in the evening. Very tired, but lived very well, in a busy day, as long as I saw the smile of the peasant, I felt that everything I paid was worth it! Happy work, happiness, we are adhering to this work philosophy, and progress in a little bit in practice!

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